Before We Get Started…

So, how did I end up starting a blog on hair care?
You see, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my hair (will get back to you on what that means).
Not an ardent fan of weaves or wigs, i.e. I’d prefer always showing off my permed, natural hair (excuse the cliché), instead of artificial weaves.

So, here I am in a new place, (serving my fatherland in Northern Nigeria), and the weather isn’t even helping hair matters. Then, harmattan sets in, my hair breaks off, I start having dry, itchy scalp – maybe even dandruff, hair develops split ends, becomes frizzy, brittle and dry.


                    Split Ends

At the slightest touch of comb on my hair, ouch! I’ve got strands of my hair coming off and I’m like “what the…!” My once beautiful, thick, healthy hair ended up becoming a shadow of its former self and I’m like “oh well! I go repair the one wey damage remain”. But every time I look in the mirror and see my tresses, I lament because I can hardly believe what I see.

So, the research commenced:

• How do I heal my hair and prevent further damage without having to break into a bank?

• How do I get to remedy that which is left of my hair, without having to go to a stylist –  who wouldn’t by the way be patient enough to give my hair the attention it deserves or match up to my expectations (like I said, I’m a perfectionist. Its either it is or it isn’t)?

In the wake of this new resolve to salvage my tresses, I sought for home-made remedies that had nothing to do with chemicals i.e., just botanical stuff (nature has blessed us abundantly, hasn’t it?) and I wanted these procedures to be DIY (Do It Yourself), so that I could take out time to undergo the treatments to my satisfaction and monitor my progress.


               Natural Remedies

So, my journey to hair repair and maintenance began with me as my first student. Then I thought to myself, if I can benefit from this, so can a ton of others facing the same issues with their hair just like me.

Therefore, whatever tips I’ll be revealing to you is something I have tried on my hair and I will do my best to give you my own observations and results.

My hair is already on its journey to recovery.

Most of these tips are DIY (Do It Yourself), while most of the ingredients are things you can find in your kitchen/pantry.

Let us begin, shall we?


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