A Rendezvous With My Hair

Aloha! Sweetdoves,
It’s been a minute. How have you all been since I put up my last post? I do hope we have been adding value to wherever it is we find ourselves?  As regards the promo that was introduced in the last post, I am yet to receive any entries on it. If you haven’t read through, you can check here to participate.

So last week Thursday, I took out my braids of 4 weeks (yippee! That’s the longest I have kept a braided hairstyle) and I had to undergo some processes to help rejuvenate my hair after the stress and tugging I put it through all in the name of styling. Here are some styles I did with the braids:

A few of the styles I rocked

Back to the matter at hand, the issue is that I have made up my mind to transition to natural – in HAIR LINGUA terms, to transition to natural means I want to move from “relaxed hair” to “natural hair” without having to chop off all my hair.  What is the reason for this resolve? Well, since I have made up my mind to use natural substance all the way when treating my hair, it is only fair that I experiment firsthand on my natural tresses – not that these natural substances won’t work on already permed/relaxed hair – it’s just that I want to in the process of transitioning take out time to understand the two textures of my hair i.e., natural and permed and learn how each is affected by mother-nature’s provisions.

Another reason is that I’m tired of chemically processing my hair thereby damaging it. In light of this, I will be taking you through the journey of my transition, both ups and downs, and also including tips for how to manage the two textures for those who have already started or will be joining me. Trust me, I have no aversion whatsoever to relaxed hair, I am just tired of it.

After I took off my braids, I didn’t immediately comb it because I was sure I would lose a lot of my hair. So, I made sure to section my hair into four parts, then one after the other I moistened with water and used olive oil to seal (the act of using a substance e.g. oil to lock in moisture) before detangling with a wide tooth comb, and then I made each part into a twist and trimmed off the ends. I trimmed two inches off the back sections and three inches off the front – I just got tired of seeing those scrawny ends on my hair, so I let them go.

I went from this


To this


After combing and trimming, I prepared a concoction of deep-conditioning protein treatment for my hair (I’ll be recounting the processes of doing this much later) so as to infuse and restore strength to the hair and also moisturize and soften it.


Ingredients for Deep Conditioner

After the deep conditioning, I made sure to co-wash my hair (co-washing is the use of conditioner alone for cleansing the hair) since the only shampoo I had on hand at that time contains “sodium lauryl sulfate”- which is a chemical substance that is very bad for hair.


Shed Hair Before ProteinTreatment


Shed Hair After Protein Treatment

After I co-washed and rinsed off, I air-dried my hair. When the hair was 80% dried, I sealed in the moisture with a mixture of coconut oil and olive oil, combed it and trimmed off more split ends.

Note: Never used towel to dry your hair especially by rubbing it vigorously. It causes split ends and breakage. Instead, use an old cotton shirt or just squeeze out the water with your hand and leave the hair to dry. Also, do not comb your hair immediately after washing because your hair is vulnerable at the time.
I then did a protective style which will prevent me from easily manipulating my hair. When I was about to sleep, I covered my hair with a silk scarf (reason for this in later articles).


My protective style

There you have it, A little rendezvous with my hair.

I hope with this few points of mine, I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that giving your hair a little TLC (tender, loving care) can go a long way to giving you healthy hair. #LoL#
I do hope this post has been helpful? Stay tuned for more, as I will be updating this blog more often.

A happy birthday shout out to my darling friend Courtney, God bless you.



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    • Yes o @herapereira.
      Its time to embrace my natural hair or what do u think?
      I hope you enjoyed d articles on the blog?
      Thanks for d like and comment Cuz.
      Do invite our friends to visit the blog.


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