…And I’m Back


Yea! It’s Munah in the bweedin *dabs*.

Did i hear someone say Nice to have you back? Thanks a bunch!

How are y’all doing? It’s been what? Exactly 2 years since I started this blog. So, before I continue with why I have been AWOL, I want to welcome those who are visiting for the first time.

“If this is your first time of visiting Monar Hairxpress, please indicate by dropping a comment below”…Thanks!

So, what’s been happening with moi?

I finished Youth Service (which was the period my blogging was birthed) and then got a job (Halleluyah) and then got busy and then took a leave of absence from writing.

Enough of the ohs! and ahs! lemme get you up to speed.

So, your home girl makes custom wigs for sale (yea, flips hair) so, I will be putting up videos on my YouTube channel and Facebook page, so make sure you follow me by clicking the links I’ll be including at the end of this thesis.

And yea, I went from being a naturalie to a “permie”… I will explain later.

Are you back for a while or fully?

Watchu think? I’m back to stay for reals!

Catch you guys on the next post. Till then, remember that “The best way to predict your future, is to create it”. Xoxo

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