Know Your Wig Caps

“Munah, I’d really love to get a wig from you but I have this fear that it will fall off my head while I am on a bike or if the wind blows too hard.”

This is one excuse I get from a lot of prospective clients. I have tried over and over to convince them that custom-made wigs will never give you such a problem because they are crafted for your head.

Wigs have come to stay! They are one of the simplest, stress-free ways to switch up your hairstyle anytime, anyday. Whether it be synthetic or human hair, long or pixie, straight or curly, with or without closure/frontal, weaves, crotcheted or braided, there is a wig for every occasion and expression.

Every structure must have a foundation, so it is with wigs. The foundation of making the wig happens to be the kind of wig cap you use. Different styles call for different caps. However, a particular cap can be used to create diverse styles.


  1. Braided wig cap (Suitable for full wigs) – Commercially appropriate.
  2. Mesh cap (Suitable for crotchet) – Not commercially appropriate
  3. Stocking cap (Suitable for quick weave wigs) – Not commercially appropriate
  4. Dome Cap (Suitable for various styles) – Commercially appropriate
  5. Adjustable Mesh cap (Suitable for various styles) -Commercially appropriate
  6. Breathable Adjustable cap (Suitable for full wigs) – Commercially appropriate.
  7. U-Part wig cap (Suitable for wigs with parts) – Commercially appropriate.
  8. Full Lace Cap ( Suitable for all weave style) – Pricey, yet commercially appropriate.

Each of these caps can be customized to individual tastes.

Watch out for my next article. Till then know that “Creativity is Contagious, pass it on”. Xoxo

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Throwback Thursday


How are y’all doing today?

Since,  its throwback Thursday, i just wanna share a memory with you.

See that wig above?  That was the 6th wig i made. The unusual thing about it is that i did it under 4hrs before attending a wedding the same day.

😮😱 Exactly the reaction i got cos it kinda turned out so well (if i do say so myself).

When i started out , i didn’t have a mannequin or any wig making tool.

The picture above is that of the first wig i ever made. I used a throw pillow as my mannequin but i was unbothered about it cause i had just found my forte.
From a throw pillow,  i moved to a styrofoam head (see below)

And then to a plastic mannequin

And i also got better with more practice.

If you’d like to see other pictures of the wigs i have made, check my instagram page @monarhairxpress.

Remember that “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, grwoing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.”

Catch you on the next one.  Ciao!

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